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June 24, 2011

It’s June 24, writing at my desk…disgusted by the publicity given to a memoir written by the 20 year old example of what I do not want my daughter to be, daughter of “the illiterate, moose-killing, non-parental and un-motherly, politics hound with grande ambitions, ideas and illusions who never finishes anything unless she gets big-bucks”, Sarah Palin.  It’s doubtful that Mrs.Palin or her daughter put their names on a book without huge advances and publicity budgets – and the services of an educated ghost writer.  And it’s in keeping with the Palin Family ambitions for gold and publicity  – and the daughter is so much like her mother  (although with the plastic surgery the daughter’s done recently, they don;t look too much alike anymore) – – they are both putting trademarks on their names for “educational and motivational speaking” so they can get paid big-time fees for “entertainment speaking” engagements…Who are the idiots who buy these two?
(To answer the questions before you send them – No, I didn’t forget to mention the daughter’s name or the name of her book because I do not wish to promote greed and lack of good taste, morals, ethics, standards -and chutzpah!)  

June 25, 2011…a #8 World-Wide Day…accumulated irritations prevail, leaders are making preparations, big business springs new ideas and new products, big-time directors meetings put deals through, weather cautions abound and the banks around the world are organizing forces and solving problems.
In your lifestyle:  Finances can be improved and major goals accomplished.  Be self-sufficient, drive yourself to get things done and help yourself by helping someone wealthy and influential.  Good luck money gets deposited in checking accounts today.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #25 are: #2 (comfortable & serene), #3 (opposites attract), #4, #7 (lack material ambitions), #8, #9 (meeting of the mind, heart & soul), #11 (very visionary), #12, #16, #17 (lucky in business), #20, #21, #22, #25 (good, impractical partnership), #26, #27, #29 (success after struggles).  Incompatible numbers challenge the #25 need for quiet, privacy and time for reflection.

If June 25 is your birthday, you overcome a difficult childhood and as an adult, reflect upon past experiences to make decisions and have a wanderlust.  You are very intuitive, strive for perfection in your work and domestic responsibilities, love travel and thrive living near the water.  You may appear to be easy-going and thoughtful but you can be impatient – make impulsive decisions and when given advice imagine you’re being controlled.  When practical, calm and focused, you attract respect, love and life’s rewards.

In 2011, money and power offer bigger opportunities.  Expect business recognition and to be called upon to be strong, courageous. disciplined and to take on additional responsibilities.  Avoid risks, rest when you need to and take the middle road whenever possible – you are capable of solving your problems.  Plan, think, act and branch out to achieve your highest ambitions.

In 2011 wear the color mauve to attract shrewd, discriminating, efficient associates..
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q and Z may be too crude for your tastes in  2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
:  2, 7, 18, 20, 25, 29.   

Celebrities born on June 25 are: Henry Hap Arnold (US 5 Star General), Anthony Bordain (Celebrity Chef), Brandi Burkhardt (Actor),  Carlos Delgado (Baseball), Chenoa (Singer), Eddie Floyd (Singer), Tim Flynn (Singer), Matt Gallant (TV Host), Phyllis George (TV Personality), Ricky Gervais (Comedian), Angela Kinsey (Actor/”The Office”), Michael Lembeck (Film Director/son of actor Harvey Lembeck), Jason Lewis (Actor), Sidney Lumet (Film Director), June Lockhart (Actor), George Michael (SInger), George Orwell (Author), Busy Phillipps (Actor/”ER”), Rain (Singer), Willis Reed (Basketball Hall of Fame), Anne Revere (Actor), Carly Simon (Singer), Sonia Sotomayor (US Supreme Court Justice), Jimmie Walker (Actor).   

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May 26, 2009

A quick Numerology analysis of Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Not only a first Latino women to the Supreme Court, she is the first to bring a Destiny of “you learn as you live” – “off the beaten track”, spicy, dicey highs and lows and learning from life experience to this esteemed office.  She lives the #5 Destiny; intended to be a free spirit…a catalyst for change in the lives of others.  She has a lifetime that constantly offers adventures, new enthusiasms, unexpected opportunities, retains youthful enthusiasm, is a sensual woman and is offered lucky choices.  Although she may try to be traditional, she cannot be conventional.

Her destiny is not without #5 Destiny Challenge.  Her inner character and personality – the #8 efficient, power problem solver Motivation…the futuristic visionary, intent upon leaving a lasting image #11/2 Self Image and the #1, independent, self-starter, creative, progressive, pioneering Career Talents/Means of Self expression enable her to change problems into projects.  She’ll be startled into emotional reactions – appear irritated – and almost immediately regain composure. 

She has a love-hate relationship with the freedoms that come about with change that relate to her birth…#5 Destiny is always a surprise to the parents – an accident – an unplanned or unconventional event.   Sugar is her enemy and careful dieting is a must.  Her sense of responsibility may be obsessive and she can be smothering when feeling protective and parental. (a #6 Challenge)  She can be submissive – controlled by a lover if she fears losing love –  and prefers to control all other situations in order to avoid being controlled (a #1 Challenge).   

The name “Sonia” is fit for a judge who builds for future generations.  It is a #22/4 spiritually special, practical manager with subdivisions of #7 perfectionist-intellectual and #1, “I’m gonna’ do it my way” influences. A first name influences both personality and destiny. So, hard work, organization, systems structures are second nature and making rules and regulations to be implemented for growth come naturally in her personal and career lives.  Examples of the material power executed by the #22 as a birthday: Father of our Country, George Washington, Senator Ted Kennedy, Russia’s Nikolai Lenin, France’s Charles De Gaulle and mother to public servants, John, Robert and Ted Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

2009 is a #6 Personal Year for Sonia Sotomayor that leads her to increased responsibility, a focus on balancing relationships and offers protection from personal harm.  Her chart indicates that she will experience a notable power play in November and she will have a rebirth – a major change in direction – in 2015.  

If chosen, will Judge Sonia Sotomayor add spice and momentum to the high court?  That’s a high #5…She sure will!