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June 15, 2009

This numerologists #5 “cant focus on one thing ’cause I bore easily” Personal Day and I’m a butterfly…going from one newsy tidbit to another.  There’s little to still my concern over the economy or the Health Care Bill or Dick Cheney’s hopes for a terrorist attack to fulfill his prophecy.  So, I’m scanning…

Still overwhelmed, Susan Boyle took the Britain’s Got Talent tour and lasted two performances and took a “time-out” to rest.  She’s gonna’ do well recording and should listen to her body and emotions and leave the personal appearances to promoting her albums.

There’s more to be learned about deviant sex from stories about David Carradine’s death than I’ve discovered in 76 years of curiosity.

The Health Care Reform Bill is a “biggie” for Obama and he’s courting the thumbs-down AMA with vigor.  Tidbits today indicate that the AMA may have support for certain kinds of public plans….possibly federally chartered co-ops.  The AMA strong opposition is to any plan that mandates physicians participation.  There’s gonna’ be lots to barter before we see affordable health care.

…after sincere checking, there’s nary a tidbit – nothing said about ailing Patrick Swayze and Farah Fawcett.

The GOP is having a field day with the Sotomayor Supreme Court appointment…they refusing to budge siting “too many unanswered questions.”  Sotomayor had 36 days to get her act together – 70 days is average – and she’s ready and willing to reply tout suite.  So, GOP…ask the questions faster so she can stop running from questioner to questioner – get into a chair – sitting on the bench – which will put her in motion.

And Palin is beefing-up her accusations – ranting, hogging the camera while slamming David Letterman – that’s good!  She’s looking even more foolish and upped his ratings.

Multi-tasking-multi interest rules!  There;s little to sink my teeth into…It’s not an in-depth day for news as the stock market slows down to triple-digit sell-offs after the upswing.  Iran is more problematic and needs watching.   Although oil costs at the pump and job losses are rising, consumer confidence is beefing-up.  Maybe it’s my time for a #5 shopping adventure!


June 12, 2009

Dancing as fast as I can…running away – while acknowledging increased anti-semitism and becoming more and more anti-Palin and wishing I was Auntie Mame.  There’s too much going on in the economy to cope with…who needs more?  There are enough vipers slithering around banks and in the stock market.  This week, rattling my concerns… 

…the bad-mouth old preacher from Chicago and the old gun-totin’ Nazi committing murder in DC and old-news Sarah Palin’s latest bid for media attention with outrage at Dave Letterman’s bad judgment joke about her bad judgment daughter – she loved the SNL bad taste jokes when she could orchestrate and use the publicity…there are little day-to-day problems and now there are larger broad-scoped issues…I wanna’ be Auntie Mame ’cause she would keep her classy, cool and take off for Pago-Pago or the South of France to uncoil and meet the snakes head-on, on her turf…I’m…

…too angry – I’d hiss and miss – so, goin’ finshin’ to coil-up, release my venom and dance back tomorrow.


April 10, 2009

…awoke this morning comparing UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects – sightings with the rocket-like Stock Market rally…both are interesting and unlikely to hold up under scrutiny.

Numerology’s number value for the letters, UFO calculates like this…U = 3, F = 6 and O = 6.  Add the 3 + 6 + 6 = 15, add again – 1 + 5 = #6.  Numerology’s’ definition of the number 6 is domestic focus.  That keeps UFOs in our galaxy…basically coming from  earth.  Flash sightings are unsupported by data and…

…the Stock Market  is comprised of many “UFOs”…Unidentified Flying Objects called stocks – domestically based, with fluctuating signals flashing on and off mysteriously, unsupported by economic data.

In 2009, Numerology’s #11/2 Universal Year cycle, the #11 spiritual visionary explains the unexplainable and the #2 materially explains the bevy of often unsubstantiated, delaying details being revealed.  Nowhere in this equation is there a practical foundation for prolonged activity or a means to predict a time when proven data reports will put an end to the mysterious.