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#15 Compatibility Numbers & June 15 World & Birthday Forecasts & Analysis for 2011

June 14, 2011

June 15, 2011…a #7 World-Wide Day.  Today perfecting fine points of agreements with nations in financial trouble and the stock market, mis-information given to the public to be revealed in the future and more analysis than action in commerce.  In your lifestyle: Families, friends and associates express irritation at petty things that go wrong and bad tempered types lose their poise.  Not a good day to get material or business projects completed.  Analyzing and planning for tomorrow – imitating Greta Garbo by going it alone – listening to your inner voice –  and taking time to think and checking facts pays off later.   

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #15 are: #2, #3, #4, #8, #9, #11, #12, #13,  #17 (lucky dynamic duo), #18, # 20, #21, #22 (leave a legacy), #23 (In domestic interests), #26 (materially successful), #27, #29, #30, #31.  Incompatible numbers are not comfortable with the strong-willed, sometimes overly dramatic #15 and its focus on home/family obligations and accumulating possessions and status in the community.

If June 15 is your birthday, although you remain youthful if you remain active, you show maturity in your self-sacrifice and willingness to teach and serve a just cause or dear friend.  You aim to be responsible, accommodating and ethical and need domestic tranquility.  A materially-financially successful, sociable, conventional lifestyle will make you happy.  Mid-life offers some personal limitations due to responsibility to needy or dependent relationships, productive work, luck with finances, gifts and the protection of your loved ones.

In 2011, the focus is on less commercial and physical activity and more meditation and analysis.  Every nine years we all have a spiritual/intellectual year geared to inner – not outer – growth.  Spending time alone – reflecting on past mistakes and future plans and putting less strain on your business and money ambitions and allowing things to come to you, will pay off.  Accomplishment comes through taking classes to perfect skills, taking up yoga or going to a shrink and without getting moody or melancholy, letting-go of last year’s domestic and emotional strains and drains.

In 2011 wear the color purple to attract  philosophical, knowledgable, calm associates.
Amethyst  is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters G, P and Y may be too cynical for your tastes in 2011.
Saturday & Sunday are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are: 2, 7, 9, 13, 16, 29.  

Celebrities born on June 15 are
Yuri Andropov (Russian KGB Chief), Dusty Baker (Baseball), James Belushi (Comedian), Wade Boggs (Baseball Hall of Fame), Susan Boyle (Scottish Singing Sensation/”Britains Got Talent“), Brett Butler (Comedian), Mary Carey (Adult Film Star/TV Personality/Ran for political office in CA), Ray Coleman(Journalist/Biographies of The Beatles), Courtney Cox (Actor/”Friends”), Mario Cuomo (D- NY – Governor 1982-1994), Polly Draper (Actor), Erroll Garner (Jazz Pianist), Terrri Gibbs (Blind Singer), Edvard Hagerup Grieg (Composer), Julie Haggarty (Actor), Johnny Halliday (Actor/Singer), Neil Patrick Harris (Actor), Helen Hunt (Actor), Ice Cube (Rap Singer/Actor), Al Lash LaRue (Cowboy Actor), Justin Leonard (Pro Golfer), Billy Martin (Singer), Carrie Mitchum (Actor), Judy Pace (Actor/”Young Lawyers”), Lance Parrish (Baseball), Elizabeth Reaser (Actor), Leah Remini (Actor), Ro Ro (Rapper), David Rose (Orchestra Leader), Demis Roussos (Singer),  Haley Scarnato (Singer /”American Idol”), Sally E Silverstone (Co-Captain Biosphere 2), Mo Udall (D-Politician/AZ 1961-1991).  

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If April 1 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

March 31, 2011

If April 1 is your birthday, you are not an “April Fool!  You are independent, creative and progressive.  You like to start projects but often scatter interests or get annoyed doing the delaying, supportive details.  However, leadership comes naturally and you will be given the responsibilities designated to people who “take charge.”  You may be a loner in some respects due to your new, inventive schemes that make insecure, emotionally dependent types and conventional, traditional thinkers wary.  In youth, you meet unconventional life experiences…travel, surprises, changing plans…and recognize that you must build your own unique personality to skillfully organize your goals and ambitions.

In 2011, you are experiencing change, transitions and culminations of relationships and commitments that lead to a new life direction in 2012.   Emotions are intense and you are drawn into situations that compel your empathy and compassion.  Vacations, humanitarian contributions, philanthropy, cultural interests will ease you away from the constant reflections of the past and the stops and starts of projects in motion.  Enjoy friendships, expect distant and past relationships to reappear for one last tango if they no longer serve a useful purpose in your life and recognize the urge to let-go.  By August of 2012 you will have put aside all that may delay or hamper your progress.  Pay debts, do not begin anything creatively new yet and take the inventory as you are in the process of completion in 2011 and should happily prepare for a re-birth of ambitions in September 2012.

Wear the color saffron to attract  tolerant, artistically gifted, generous associates in 2011.
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R are broad-minded, understanding friends in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 4, 5. 18, 19, 28, 31.

Celebrities born on April 1 are:  Wallace Beery (Actor), Otto Van Bismarck (German Statesman/Founded the German Empire, 1871/”The Iron Chancellor”), Sonia Bisset (Cuban Female Javelin Thrower), Susan Boyle (Scottish Singer/Sensation of “Britain’s Got Talent”), Whittaker Chambers (Journalist/Editor/Defector), Lon Chaney ,Sr. (Actor/”Man of 1000 faces”), China Chow (Actress/High Fashion Consultant and Model), Clemintine Churchill (Winston’s wife), Eddy Duchin (Musician/Society Orchestra Leader), William Frederick Fisher (MD/Astronaut), Big Jim Fisk (American Entrepreneur), Jon Gosselin (TV Reality/”Jon & Kate Plus 8″), George Grizzard (Actor), Sir William Harvey (Physician/Discovered Blood Circulation), Gregg Jarrett (TV Anchor), Gordon Jump (Actor/”WKRP in Cincinnati”), Henry Luce (Publisher), Rachel Maddow (TV Political Analyst), William Manchester (Writer/Historian), Ali McGraw (Actor), Teshiro Mifune (Japanese Great Actor/ Writer/”Shogun”), Joseph Murry (Surgeon/First successful kidney transplant), Bijou Phillips (Actor/Fashion Model/Singer), Randy Orton (WWE RAW Wrestler/Heavyweight Champion at age 24), Jane Powell (Actor/Singer), Sergei Rachmaninoff (Composer), Debbie Reynolds (Actor), Edmond Rostand (Writer/”Cyrano de Bergerac”), Phillip Schofield (TV Personality/Designer), Melville Shavelson (Film Director/Producer/Screenwriter/”Love Story”/”Goodbye Columbus”), William James Sidis (American Genius), Laurette Taylor (Actor/Stage/Silent Films), Josh Zuckerman (Actor). 

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June 20, 2009

Super Manager to the stars like U2, Ossie Kilkerry has been hired to manage Susan Boyle and fans can only hope that he takes her Mother-induced dreams of success and personality limitations into consideration.  In previous blogs, this numerologist explained that Susan Boyle needed unconditional love.  Her numerology chart Challenges indicate extreme self-absorption and super sensitivity that results in emotional excesses and chronic physical slowdowns.  To keep her feeling loved…Ossie you’re in charge

Susan’s a #7 overall, an intelligent perfectionist who wants a perfect world.  However, her Destiny #2 and her three Challenges to fulfilling her Destiny are the same #2.  When Challenge numbers are the same as any major numbers in a numerology chart, problems in specific areas are predictable.  It is clear that Susan meets people and experiences in her Destiny that trigger extreme emotional reactions and…

…Susan’s Destiny opportunities are all too often mishandled.  Due to choosing the wrong options or the inability to do anything at all life takes difficult turns.  With #2 Challenges, personal slights are exaggerated.  Self-pity reigns…Susan’s emotions run-amok.  She took public adoration and media criticism to heart.  Losing wasn’t an option for her.

It is a pity that judge and recording mogul, Simon Cowell had a delayed flash of comprehension when he saw Susan’s face when she learned she did not have the first place win during the  “:Britain’s Got Talent finals.   He now says he realized she did not conceive of losing.  To Cowell’s credit, he immediately reminded her that his recording contract for late Fall album release was still on.  Apparently, that good news did not stop Susan from physically exhausting emotional suffering that put her in a publicly embarrassing “blue funk” and curtails her public appearances.

Although, talent judge, Piers Morgan, says she’s fine, Susan has missed four performances out of nine of the twenty-five planned  “Britain’s Got Talent” finalists tour.  She’ll disappoint fans again and again until her handlers get it right.

Simon Cowell’s plan to make Susan a recording star is very do-able.  There’s no public pressure until it’s time for promotions, media can be screened and appearances can be planned for “time-outs” for Susan.  If new Boyle manager, Ossie Kilkenny, charges-in to save the day there’s little chance of a Boyle career massacre.  As a devoted fan, I hope recording sales in millions give Susan the unconditional love her sensitive emotions demand.   As a numerologist, I know she’s gonna’ get hit by a few arrows, be saved by the Cavalry, lead a long, charmed life after 2015 and die a very rich “Mommy’s Girl.”


June 19, 2009

So you want to be a star but can you handle the business that shows everything?  Susan Boyle’s mother encouraged her to “go for the gold.” although she knew her daughter was delicate, sensitive and spent her childhood through mid-life shielded from public close scrutiny.  Boyle cancelled four performances on her “Britain Has Talent Tour.”   She needs rest.  Her Mom’s passed on but her managers should know that her capacities to perform in public consistently are limited by her emotions that deplete her physical energy.  Susan just cannot handle “the business” and it shows.

Cher wears anything to attract attention,  Does she really want to make an adjustment to her daughter’s sex change in public?  Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick have grown up in the limelight.  Do they want their inability to conceive children to be kitchen table conversation?  It requires a lot to make it big and staying there demands even more.

Hollywood/s latest “handsomest man in the world”, Robert Pattison, got hit by a taxi in NYC while surrounded by five security guards, when chased by screaming teenagers during a film shoot on city streets.   He’s twenty-young, and brushed off his hip injury as his security people yelled, ‘see what you did!” at the uncaring fans.  Ya’ gotta be young, agile and determined to come away unscathed.

Consider the Princess Diana paparazzi chase that cost her life and revealed too much about her private life…too much information about a beloved icon.  The reports of her uncomfortable adjustments, emotional and physical problems – having her private life public property – wasn’t handled very well by the empathetic teen who married a spoiled prince.

From Obama’s duffer golf scores and attempts to keep a dating relationship with his wife to Liz Taylor’s seven marriages and obsession with diamonds – media earns their bread in the business of showing the warts and the beauty marks on the backs of “wannabees.”.  So, if ya’ wanna’ be a star Susan, you’ll need to make management adjustments – find an agent that cares – before you begin belting-out, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”  night after night.


June 17, 2009

There’s a stock market slump, prices higher at the pump and my throat’s got a lump!  It’s a “bad tears” day and I’m gonna’ put these droplets in reverse.   Gonna’ listen to a Susan Boyle video, let the “good tears” roll and release magical moments.

There are tears of joy that go on automatic when Scotland’s most famous spinster, Susan Boyle lilts of promise and dreams her dream…and I remember repeated tear sightings when obese and single, Kate Smith sang, “God Bless America”  with the USA at war, in the 1940’s.  Skinny Sinatra’s, “New York, New York” brings back, “my old neighborhood” tears and matronly Ethel Merman’s,  “:Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses” is a lifter that evokes “good tears.”  When the blues are catching, and dreams are touching there’s nothing like a good cry. 

Slow droplets on the face grow dreams of promise .  A dream is magical soil that produces blossoms in daylight. .  In times of emotional reactions to public crisis, it seems that unusually uplifting performers and unconditionally inspiring songs appear that change an emotional down-slump into a visual up-bump.

Broad figured women, Susan Boyle and Kate Smith are beauties who are attractive to the heart.  Kate Smith suffered sweet indignities late in her career.  Before a hockey game, fans yelled with love, “it can’t begin til the fat lady sings.”   On Susan Boyle’s initial performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”, she was ridiculed and that indignity turned into a public love affair too.  Ti’s said, “What you see is what you get.”   Bring on the “bad tears” ’cause you can’t believe everything you see.  Now, bring on the “good tears”, ’cause you often get more than you imagine. 

With my “bad tears” in reverse, I realize It’s not how you look, it’s the way that you do it in these teary times.  So, let the good tears roll-in from dreams and belief in America…with them come the the magical moments.


June 15, 2009

This numerologists #5 “cant focus on one thing ’cause I bore easily” Personal Day and I’m a butterfly…going from one newsy tidbit to another.  There’s little to still my concern over the economy or the Health Care Bill or Dick Cheney’s hopes for a terrorist attack to fulfill his prophecy.  So, I’m scanning…

Still overwhelmed, Susan Boyle took the Britain’s Got Talent tour and lasted two performances and took a “time-out” to rest.  She’s gonna’ do well recording and should listen to her body and emotions and leave the personal appearances to promoting her albums.

There’s more to be learned about deviant sex from stories about David Carradine’s death than I’ve discovered in 76 years of curiosity.

The Health Care Reform Bill is a “biggie” for Obama and he’s courting the thumbs-down AMA with vigor.  Tidbits today indicate that the AMA may have support for certain kinds of public plans….possibly federally chartered co-ops.  The AMA strong opposition is to any plan that mandates physicians participation.  There’s gonna’ be lots to barter before we see affordable health care.

…after sincere checking, there’s nary a tidbit – nothing said about ailing Patrick Swayze and Farah Fawcett.

The GOP is having a field day with the Sotomayor Supreme Court appointment…they refusing to budge siting “too many unanswered questions.”  Sotomayor had 36 days to get her act together – 70 days is average – and she’s ready and willing to reply tout suite.  So, GOP…ask the questions faster so she can stop running from questioner to questioner – get into a chair – sitting on the bench – which will put her in motion.

And Palin is beefing-up her accusations – ranting, hogging the camera while slamming David Letterman – that’s good!  She’s looking even more foolish and upped his ratings.

Multi-tasking-multi interest rules!  There;s little to sink my teeth into…It’s not an in-depth day for news as the stock market slows down to triple-digit sell-offs after the upswing.  Iran is more problematic and needs watching.   Although oil costs at the pump and job losses are rising, consumer confidence is beefing-up.  Maybe it’s my time for a #5 shopping adventure!


June 10, 2009

After checking Fiat and Chrysler’s meeting of the minds as #9 numerology name analysis classic-builder-kindred-spirits, I wandered to the site thinking I’d find current news and discovered to my delight a great tribute to Susan.  The site is perfect as it is and will be more perfect tomorrow as it seems to be growing fast.  Susan must be proud and happy to know that her followers accommodate her name-number 7 desire for perfection.

Now I can own an “I Dreamed a Dream – I love Susan” tee shirt in a variety of colors from the UK for $15.99.  If I slip to Yahoo, I can own Pebbles, the cat, items too.  On Susan’s site, there are videos galore – 328 at last count and growing.  Susan’s rendition of “Cry Me a River” and her Dutch TV interview mixed with fashion shots, pictures of Pebbles and pictures galore of the original and the crispy Susan.

At last count there are 22,551 members signed in.  Contributors of blogs and “Playlists” – organized video clips – have five star quality.  This is a must-see site for Susan fans.


June 5, 2009

Susan’s out of the hospital, in a flat in London singing “LET THE SUNSHINE IN.”  Susan Boyle moves on – energized for now – to meet her welcoming USA public – and to sing for the Obamas at the White House.

In my analysis of her name, Susan showed sensitivity to criticism and extreme self absorption…a strong numerology charted #2 Challenge that causes anxiety and depression.  It’s not her lack of oxygen as an infant that makes her lose positive energy.  It’s her obsessive need for unconditional love – on all planes – that causes her depression.  Media will inevitably give her emotional ups and downs throughout  incoming career opportunities if her placement before the public is not carefully planned and she does not have a closely knit support group.

To remain stable. Susan should focus on a recording career where emotional and practical detail preparation is assured.  So, “Let the Sunshine In” to the recording studios and we’ll be hearing her sing “God Bless America” as she makes her fortune here.


April 27, 2009

What makes anyone think that Susan Boyle doesn’t know exactly how she appears and what she is aiming for?  Her talents are born in her #6 soul…she has the rhythm of life behind every note and lessons, practice and a #7 intellect – scrutinizing opportunities and perfecting every move she makes.

Susan’s an observer who analyzes.  In addition she is clever at self promotion…a multi-task er with an eye for detail.  Is she hurt by nasty comments.  Very much.  However she can be a subtle manipulator and appear to ignore unpleasant experiences.

Susan’s destiny includes many challenges to her sensitivity.  However, from 2005 through 2013, she is in a #8 “power, money and problem-solving” nine year cycle.  Born in the sixth month of the calendar year, June, on the #6 day, her #6 soul is supported by meeting people and experiences that are compatible and recognize her as a musical kindred spirit. 

Susan’s greatest successes will come from working with a partner – singing duets.,  She will hog the spotlight.  However, her good fortune is to be found surrounded by groups – like a choir – and with a “mate”- a partner.  Perhaps, with her innate intelligence, her independence can be squelched.  However, there is a needy little girl lurking inside of Susan that will always try to find unconditional love…often in the wrong places.

It is unlikely that Susan has never been kissed or “turned on.”  She is sensual, curious and knows how to make a lover comfortable.  While taking care of her mother, she’s taken singing lessons, been coached to perform before audiences, maintained relationships at her village pub, enjoyed applause singing Karaoke…and, will satisfy her feelings of restlessness and desire for adventure between her 47 and 49 birthdays.

We’ll see a serious, more elegant, focused performer after June of 2010.  Susan’s life may appear to be at sixes and sevens and she has only one major Challenge to overcome…personalizing, over-emotionalizing, self-absorption  However, there are powerful eights to protect her health and financial success in her motivation and Destiny.  Her success in later years is assured…her successes in 2009 are at sixes and sevens.


April 20, 2009

OH blunder!  Blunder!  Yesterday’s blog about Susan Boyle is numerology profile and prediction accurate – however, one numerologists habit became a glitch.

Susan is born on the 15 of June – not the 6.   The pure #6 puts relationships, music  and the roots of home first.  It’s easier for Susan to travel, explore the unknown and maintain her individuality and spontaneous enthusiasms with a #15 birthday behind the #6.  Confusing?  Let me explain…

…rule #1 in numerology is to add multiple numbers to reduce the number to a single digit.  The single digit number meaning is most  influential.  I was going on automatic-professional, after almost forty years of numerology system focus, the 15 (1 + 5 = 6) became a 6 in my mind’s eye.  A mistake and a wake-up call to slow-down…with my #1 challenge, I’m always in a hurry.

Although yesterday’s Susan Boyle birthday reading is the same overall… the 1 and 5 behind the #6 total add more flavor and complexity to Ms. Boyle’s personality and destiny..

The 1 adds more independence, desire for progress and willingness to be “different.”  The influence of these self-starter, active mental energy numbers decrease her #6 stay-in-one-place and be comfortable, nesting focus.  The #5 adds to Susan Boyle’s abilities “to be all things to all people” – to multi-task, be adventurous and attract publicity.  The #5 wants to live life to the fullest and experience the unknown.

It”s more interesting to know that the numbers 1 and 5 behind the reduced number 6, bring out the human complexities in Susan Boyle.  Watching her youthful spontaneous reactions will show you the #5 within and add color to the parental, dignified, conventional #6.  All numbers behind a reduction should be considered when reading a numerology chart and all numerologists should remember that the only mistakes you can make are the result of adding 2 + 2 and getting 7 or being too hasty.  It seems that rule #2 in numerology calculating is to be slow and sure.