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#21 World, Birthday, Your Lifestyle, Compatibility Numerology Forecasts, Analysis & Opinion.

June 20, 2011

As you’re reading this, I’m wonderingwill US Defense Secretary Gates current preliminary talks with the Taliban, in an effort to end the war in Afghanistan, do anything to increase the 5,000 to 10,000 present troop reduction, speed the US exit from Afghanistan and ease the drain wars and “spread-democracy-world-wide” investments are having on the US domestic economy?   

June 21, 2011…a #4 World-Wide Day…the stock markets should steady, we see more determined demonstrations and rebelion and corporations tighten their belts and organize details.  An economy-conscious day when mistakes can be corrected.  In your lifestyle: if  you were bothered by something yesterday, you’ll aim to straighten it out today.  Planning, organization, system and management  and old fashioned hard work will maintain what you have and save money for the future.  Partying ‘is out’ – doing things that have a useful purpose ‘is in.’

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #21 are: #1 (must combine talents), #2, #5, #6, #8 (must combine talents), #9 (needS practical focus), #10 (must avoid being impulsive), #11, #14, #15, #17 lucky in business & lifestyle), #18, #19, #20, #23, #24, #26 (lucky in finance and domesticity), #27, #28, #29 (need practical focus).  Incompatible numbers are uncomfortable with impulsive decisions, frivolous spending, constant social activity, scattering time and interests and that is usually part of the #21 personality. 

If June 21 is your birthday, you are multi-talented, have beautiful, expressive eyes and a memorable voice – and you are socially adept and charming.  In youth, you are too aware of or not aware of your many gifts…in the way a pendulum swings in extremes, from side to side – until mid-life when you balance the pendulum’s swing and recognize that you are a “people person”, magnetic and much admired and seize the proper occasions to show your stuff.  Friends, money, gifts, luck and shows of affection stay in your life as you travel and try to enjoy your freedom.

In 2011, you’ll need to scale down on pleasures, maintain a budget and deal with a few obstacles.  Your memory serves you well and if you are able to make adjustments when plans change, reorganize with positive determination  and work cooperatively with others, favorable factors will combine in finances, legal dealings and relationships.  Your personal freedoms may be curtailed and by September’s end your restlessness my be a problem.. However, October brightens your mood and tempo and your shaken pride and takes a back seat and your self-image returns as you begin to feel the freedom vibes of 2012 coming in.

In 2011 wear the color green to attract realistic, down-to-earth, dependable relationships.
Emerald  is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters D, M and V are very “sane” but may bore you in  2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are:  4, 6, 8, 22, 26, 31.  

Celebrities born on June 21 are
:  Berke Breathed (Cartoonist), Ron Ely Actor/”Tarzan”), Meredith Baxter-Birney (Actor), Fyodor Gladkov (Russian Writer), Mariette Hartley (Actor), Al Hirshfeld (Cartoonist), Judy Holliday (Actor), Rockwell Kent (Artist/Painter/Illustrator), Bernie Koppel (Actor/”Love Boat”), Monte Markham (Actor), Mary McCarthy (Novelist), Alexander Pope (English Poet),  Jane Russell (Actor), Jean Paul Sartre (Existentialist Writer), Francoise Segan (Novelist), Lalo Shifron (Composer), O C Smith (Jazz Singer), Paolo Soleri (Architect), Maureen Stapleton (Actor), Martha Washington (US First Lady). 

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#2 Compatibility Numbers & June 2 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

June 1, 2011

Compatible Birthday numbers for #2 are:  1 (accomplish goals as lovers & partners), 2 (emotional kindred spirits who may lack material ambition), 4 (practical do-ers – bring out the best in each other), 6 (home beautification, children and domestic affairs), 7 (spiritual harmony), 8 (commercial and material success), 10 (accomplish goals as lovers & partners), 11 (highly emotional kindred spirits), 13 (practical do-ers – bring out the best in each other), 15 (materially ambitious for home, family domestic growth), 16 (succeed in spiritual, non-commercial interests), 17 (lucky in business and financially, grow spiritually, ambitious for power), 22 (overcome obstacles, work for the benefit of others and bring out the best in each other), 24 (all ingredients for a loving and abundant lifestyle), 26 (strong materially ambitious partnership), 28 (partnership inspires associates and is ambitious to improve existing conditions for others), 31 (loving, hard-working, socially active, creative mates and partners).  #2 needs to be needed and thrives as an appreciated, supportive partner. 

If June 2 is your birthday, you are emotional, sensitive to others and the environment and enjoy a laid-back-easy-going-intimate relationship with lovers and friends.  You work well as “the power behind the throne” and in groups.  You are musical and feel the rhythm of mood swings and the tempo of life in your surroundings.  You are a good mediator, go-between and may find a satisfying career in the diplomatic service, customer relations and in personal administration.  Success is yours when you maintain your self-confidence and think positively.  Use your ability to see and attend-to every minute detail for practical purposes and do not allow this super-sensitivity to find negatives in the atmosphere and in your relationships.  Learn to be decisive (you always see both sides of a situation) and receptive to the many opportunities that come your way.  Your gentle, supportive, cooperative nature is noted and appreciated by all.

Aim to enjoy social relationships. travel and the opportunity to see things as they really are – not as you imagine them to be in 2011.  Projects you began in 2009 come to light and it’s time to network for your desires and ambitions.  Follow your natural instinct to be passive, sympathetic and diplomatic, rather than aggressive and accept the delays or obstacles that come your way and get on with your life.  Do not assume that promises will be kept and words of acceptance are written in cement.  Talk is cheap this year – people are amusing, entertaining and attractive – and your objective is to increase your storehouse of friends and business alliances.  October brings in material objectives, practical planning and down-to-earth people who keep their promises and help you stabilize finances and organize your future.    

In 2011 wear the color yellow to attract cheerful, talented, playful, imaginative friends. 
Topaz is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L and U try to be helpful in 2011.
Wednesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers are:  3, 5, 6, 17, 19, 30. 

Celebrities born on June 2 are: Wayne Brady (Comedian/Actor), Dana Carvey (Actor), Charles Pete Conrad (Astronaut), Dominic Cooper (Actor/”Mamma Mia”), Nikki Cox (Actor), Ana Cristina (Singer), Brittany Curran (Actor), Nikolay Davydenko (Russian Tennis Pro), Marquis de Sade (1st known saddist writer), Joanna Gleason (Actor), Charles Haid (Actor), Marvin Hamlisch (Composer), Thomas Hardy (Poet/Novelist), Dennis Haysbert (Actor/”24″), Hedda Hopper (Gossip Columnist), Leela James (Singer), Stacy Keach (Actor), Sally Kellerman(Actor), Justin Long (Actor), Jerry Mathers (Actor), Kyle Petty (NASCAR Driver), Zachary Quinto (Actor), Matt Serra (“Ultimate Fighter”), Mike Todd (Producer/Husband of Elizabeth Taylor), Charles Walls (Musician/”Rolling Stones”), Martha Washington (First First Lady), Johnny Weissmuller (5 time Olympic Gold Medalist/actor/”Tarzan”), Dorothy West (Author), Brooke White (American Idol),

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Compatibility of #17 & #1 Birthdays & May 17 Birthday Numerology Predictions

May 16, 2011

Born on the 17th and on the 1st, you are individualistic powerhouses – the #17 has aspiration and the #1 has inspiration – together you both explode!   Both are ambitious, active, aggressive leaders who are used to making their own decisions and assume responsibility for progress and so, the rivalry and need for control of both birthdays make this an undesirable combination in business, love and marriage.

If May 17 is your birthday, your creative ideas, ability to focus and gain authority and opportunities to make yourself invaluable to people of money and power direct your career choices to the world of finance and banking.  In fact, you do well as the head of any large undertaking as long as you don’t have to be concerned about the petty details.  You require higher eduction or time spent developing a specialty to maintain your self-assurance, self-esteem and emotional control and, you are a ‘seeker’…always want to see the proof of spiritual and metaphysical matters.  Throughout your lifetime, you aim to be proud of your home and family, have compassion for others and have hope, faith and courage in the face of difficulties.

In 2011 expect good news and/or to meet a very important person in your future.  Your talents, business strengths and consideration of family responsibilities are tested by the people and experiences you meet.  You have courage, stamina, ability and perseverance: Maintain your self-confidence, be decisive, refuse to take things at face value, investigate and then aim for the top.  In September 2011, your tree of life bears fruit!    

In 2011 wear the color mauve to attract efficient, shrewd, companions and associates.               
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q and Z are competitors in  2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers are: 1, 8, 10, 22, 23, 26.      

Celebrities born on May 17 are:  Sasha Alexander (Actor/”NCIS”), Stewart Alsop (Columnist/Political Analyst), Idi Amin (Military Dictator, Uganda), Marshall Applewhite (American Cult Leader/”Heaven’s Gate”), Archibald Cox (Watergate Special Prosecutor), Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (TV Reality Star), Horace Elgin Dodge (Automobile Manufacturer), Enya (Singer), Thom Felicia (TV Personality), Craig Ferguson (TV Host), Lisa Fonssagrives (Super Model), Simon Fuller (Producer/”American Idol”), Hill Harper (Actor), Dennis Hopper (Actor/”True Grit”, “Easy Rider”), Fiona Huchinson (Actor/”Guiding Light”), Jordan Knight (Singer/”New Kids on the Block”), Christian Lacroix (Fashion Designer), Sugar Ray Leonard (Boxing Champion), Taj Mahal (Songwriter/Singer/”Real Thing”), Danny Manning (NBA Forward/.Phoenix Suns), Valeria Novodvorskaya (Russian Politician/Founder Democratic Union Party), Brigit Nilsson (Opera Singer), Ace Parker (Baseball/Football Player), Bill Paxton (Actor/”Big Love”, “True Lies”), Nikki Reed (Actor),  Maureen O’Sullivan (Actor/”Tarzan”, “Pride and Prejudice”), Bob Saget (Comedian/”America’s Funniest Home Videos“), Yoko Shimada (Author/”Kir Royal“/Actor/ “Shogun”), Grace Zabreskie (Actor).

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If May 8 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 7, 2011

If May 8 is your birthday, you’re a creative, productive, shrewd, problem-solver and do well as your own boss in a progressive, expansive business that benefits the public.  Banking, public transportation, the Stock Market and Insurance are a few areas that use your talents.  Many professional athletes have your ambition, stamina and drive for success and do very well financially.  You have multi-communications talents too, and may be fickle in your choices of careers.  Use discipline, dress to impress and be confident in your social self.  Focus on one business or career choice to achieve your highest potential  Accept responsibility, handle it as well as you can and expect success.
2011 gives you opportunities to do what comes naturally and to travel with the ‘movers and shakers’ to ‘reap what you sow.’   Business ventures and money interests are the focus and this is the time to face reality and put your finances in the black.   Aim high and use determination and discipline to rise to the top.  September brings rewards, October expands ideas and adds more rewards and you begin a new facet of your ambitions in November.  Use your managerial capabilities, personal strength and ambitious ideas to see your visualizations become reality.   

2011 wear the color mauve to attract mentally and physically strong allies.               
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q, Z ally with your ambitions in 2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 1, 4, 5, 17, 26, 28.         

Celebrities born on May 8 are: Lex Barker (Actor/”Tarzan”), Peter Benchley (Novelist/”Jaws”, “The Deep”), James Blyth (British Businessman/Head of Defense Sales for Ministry of Defense/Chairman London Business School/CEO, The Boots Company), James Darren Actor), Melissa Gilbert (Actor/’Little House on the Prairie”), Adrian Gonzalez (Baseball/First Base San Diego Padres), Enrique Iglesias (Singer), Salome Jens (Actor/”From Here to Eternity”), Guy Kawasaki (American Businessman), Sonny Liston (Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Ronnie Lott (Football Hall of Fame), Ricky Nelson (Rock Star), John Reid (British Member of Parliament/Public Service Includes, Secretary of State Scotland and Northern Ireland), Don Rickles (Comedian), Roberto Rossellini (Film Director/’Open City”), Theodore Sorensen (Lawyer/Advisor to US President J F Kennedy, Author, “1000 Days”), Toni Tennille (Singer”/The Captain and Tennille”), Harry S Truman 33rd US President),  Alex Van Halen (Rock Drummer/”Van Halen”),

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If April 9 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

April 8, 2011

If April 9 is your birthday, you are a literary, artistic, emotional, strong-willed, broad-minded and broad-scoped humanitarian communicator.  Life should offer you opportunities to travel far from its beginning, to set an example for others and to serve and relate to humanitarian and world projects and problems.  It’s difficult to keep you close to home – focused on family life – and marriage often must be put on the shelf when you have the urge – are ‘called’ – to serve a greater need.  You must learn to understand how to deal with restlessness, quiet and conventional commitments.  You may judge stability and inactivity as boredom – so, you must learn not to create excitement for its sake and to stay long enough in one place or one job to know what there is to it.  After being impulsive…making mistakes…you learn what to change and when to change to really progress and make the world a better place to live.

2011 brings in recognition and rewards if you’ve applied yourself purposefully.  Money, material possessions, financial investments – commercial enterprizes and tangible growth opportunities are available to you with success in proportion to the effort you expend.  You’ll get help if you ask and between February and October be able to solve past problems, receive advancements and attention for leadership.  Physically and mentally you are stronger and your creativity and intuition are going full steam.  July is the only month to focus on family and community responsibilities.  Between the 21 and 30 of September you get rewards.  October expands and adds a final payoff.  And, a new opportunity arises in November that adds to your accomplishments and brings you into self-realization in 2012.

Wear the color mauve to attract organized, efficient associates and financial remuneration in 2011.               
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q and Z  are creatively courageous and add to your success in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 4, 8, 17, 22, 25, 26.  

Celebrities born on April 9 are: Jean-Paul Belmondo (Actor/”Casino Royale”), Theobald Boehm (German inventor Modern Flute 1794), Ward Bond (Actor/”Wagon Train”), Nathan Brandon (Psychotherapist/Writer psychology of self-esteem/Associate of Ayn Rand), Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Designer of the first Transatlantic Steamer), Cheeta (Chimpanzee Actor/Tarzan Movies), Earl Cole (Winner of “Survivor Fiji”), Art Van Damme (Jazz/Accordionist), John Presper Eckert (Co-Inventor first Electronic Computer ENIAC), Jim Fowler (Naturalist/”Wild Kingdom”), J. William Fullbright (Senator-D-Arkansas 1945-1974), Linda Goodman (Astrologer/Writer/Poet), Fred Hallows (Ophthalmologist became known for his work on restoring eyesight for countless thousands of people in Australia and other countries), Hugh Heffner (Magazine Publisher/Founder Playboy Clubs and Magazine), Marsten Hugh Heffner (1990, Son of Hugh Heffner and Kimberly Conrad), Sol Hurok (Russian/Theatrical Impresario), Marc Jacobs (Fashion Designer), Michael Learned (Actor), Tom Lehrer (Parody Folk Singer/”That Was The Week That Was”), James Smith McDonnell (Aviation Pioneer/Founder McDonnell Aircraft Corp.), Alexander Moulton (English Bicycle designer/Designer folding Bicycle), Cynthia Nixon (Actor/”Sex and the City”, “Pelican Brief”),  Michael Palliser (Head of British Diplomatic Service), Paulina Porizkova (Model), Dennis Quaid (Actor/”Right Stuff”, “Big Easy”), Abraham A. Rebicoff (Senator-D-Connecticut 1963-1981), Paul Robeson (Singer/Activist), Joe Scarborough (Cable News Host/Politician), Avery Schreiber (Comedian/”My Mother the Car’), Paolo Tosti (Italian, Later British Composer, Music Teacher), Stanislaw Wigura (Polish Aircraft Designer and Aviator), Brandon de Wilde (Actor/Child Academy Award), Tomohisa Yamashita (Japanese Idol, Singer/Songwriter/Award winning Actor). Efrem Zimbalist (Russian/ Composer/Violinist. 

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