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Saturday, November 19 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 18, 2011


Cover of "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story"

Cover of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

In Your Life On Saturday, November 19, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to recognize when to just observe, analyze and digest a problem and when to take an action.  Moodiness or a lack of energy is the result of a recent disappointment, indigestion from too much good food or just being overtired. Little will be accomplished if you try to correct a blunder today or dwell on the blues.  Get out of the doldrums by easing up on chores and daily responsibilities to read a book or quietly pursue a hobby.  The less said the better: You’re not feeling too sociable so, seek privacy, listen to your inner voice and avoid meaningless conversation.

If November 19 is Your birthday in 2011:  You are less active…spiritual and intellectual energy are high…physical energy is lower.  And so, you wait and receive callers.  You do not make social calls or promote business.  You begin to realize you are more introspective, analytic and uncomfortable with mundane labor and superficial dalliances.  You enjoy being the experienced perfectionist that does not deal comfortably with commercialism and avarice, greed or money- making.  You take different types of challenges.

 As time passes in 2011, you see respect mirrored in the eyes of friends and strangers.  You are changing – building a more hands-off less hands-on-aristocratic lifestyle.  In this new position – you become more a loner-analyzer.  You may be comfortable when enriching the soil or hands-on managing a business – however, in the future you will become less and less likely to labor for the things you need.

“Govern your tongue before all other things.”

Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek ‘Father of Numbers”

Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities to meditate, rest, study, reflect on the past and analyze your past experiences and your future goals.  This non-commercial year opens doors to spiritual growth. You may feel alone and emotionally tender.  Reading, taking a workshop or class, a quiet visit to the seashore = A focus on inner growth and putting information inside yourself will bring comfort now and profits later.

  • Money and beautiful treasures will come in if you do not pursue them.
  • Personal relationships will benefit from inner work: Take up Yoga, try counseling or plan to take workshops or classes that perfect skills – work on your inner growth any way you can.
  • You may not get all that you want.  You will receive the things you need.

You build an inner storehouse of faith and knowledge that no one and nothing that happens to you in life will take away!

You will have work to do and you will build your skillfulness and professionalism if you focus on your accomplishments and perfect your talents and interests. The message for this year is to have faith in yourself and expect the best – just “know” that you will receive all that you need.  All forms of spiritual work will bring peace and contentment now and material rewards in the future.

 Celebrities born on November 18:  Roy Campanella (Baseball Hall of Fame), Dick Cavett (TV Talk Show Host), Billy Currington (Country Singer), Ann Curry (Journalist), Tommy Dorsey (Band Leader), Jodie Foster (Actor), James A Garfield (20th US President), Indira Ghandi (Prime Minister of India), Dan Haggerty (Actor/”Grizzly Adams’), Ryan Howard (Baseball), Allison Janney (Actor/”West Wng”), Larry King (TV Talk Show Host), Calvin Klein (Designer), Jason Scott Lee (Actor/”Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story“), Lil’ Mo (R & B Singer), Kathleen Quinlan (Actor), Ahmad Rashad (Sportscaster), Meg Ryan (Actor), Reed Scott (Actor), Pete Moore (Singer/”The Miracles”), Kerri Strug (Olympic Gymnast), Gene Tierney (Actor), Ted Turner (Media Mogul), Alan Young (Actor/”Mr Ed”).  

 Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 7, 12, 17, 24, 25, 26

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#17 Compatibility Numbers & June 17 World & Birthday Forecasts & Analysis for 2011

June 16, 2011

As you’re reading this, I’m wondering about what’s in the news…if anyone really cares about elderly Playboy Hugh Heffner and his child “Runaway Bride”  = do I really care?  News abounds = Should I care whether making prostitution legal in Ontario, Canada will really make any changes that will protect the ladies and gents and how or will Bin Ladin’s replacement alter Al Quaeda’s plans?  Since none of this relates to when will I be able to sell my house and not lose my shirt and when will the stock market and super market checkout counter receipts stop giving me visions of becoming a little old bag lady?  Is no news really good news?

June 17, 2011…a #9 World-Wide Day.  Today corporations and nations cleaning house and bringing ongoing discussions to completion. Committees are formed but nothing new begins…slow progress…in Greece’s economy, The West Wing advisory and Citi bank and CIA hacking = causes are being eliminated and notable faces are showing themselves and mid-life crisis politicians and the economy wounded are trying to heal.
In your lifestyle:  Closets get cleaned out, you’ll make a sacrifice for another and take stock of your overall situation.  A good day to get out of the kitchen and into the outside world to gain perspective on your personal problems in comparison to the universal conditions.  Time to think, “I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.”
Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #17 are: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #29 #30.  The incompatible, unlisted numbers, in business or intimate partnership with the #17, may create too much rivalry and competitiveness between two independent, creative leaders.

If June 17 is yo
ur birthday, you’re physically strong, lucky with finance, banking, money management, and all products of the earth (land. mines, oil, livestock).  Leadership of major projects and problem solving for others are your strengths too.  Investigation, analysis, meditation and experimentation combine with courage, stamina, intuition, intelligence and a strong stubborn streak that makes you execute everything you undertake.  CEOs and professional athletes, and their ambition and work energy to be winners, come under the #17 vibration. 

In 2011, you are in the process of letting-go of possessions, people and experiences that will slow down or halt your impetus for change and a new direction for the future.  Past work will bear fruit and at the same time you’re inventive, creative and inspired.  Your intuition is strong and business concepts and charitable works and the blessings of marriage an children are the focus.  August is a powerful, expansive time for problem-solving and  getting whatever you go after.  October beings in high energy for making new plans and meeting new contacts and you’re feeling 2012 directions for a rebirth coming in. 

In 2011 wear the color saffron to attract  broad-minded, empathetic, philosophical friends.
Opal  is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R show tolerance when you blunder in 2011.
MOnday and Friday are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are: 3, 6, 9, 26, 27, 31. 

Celebrities born on June 17 are
: Art Bell (Radio Personality), Ralph Bellamy (Actor), Joe Jello Biafra (Singer/Politician), Krayzie Bone (Hip Hop Artist), Linda Chavez (Political Commentator/Author), Thomas Haden Church (Actor), Bud Collins (Tennis TV Commentator), Charles Eames (Architect/Designer), Red Foley (Country Singer), Will Forte (Comedian/Actor), Newt Gingrich (Politician/US Speaker of the House), John Robert Gregg (Invented Shorthand), John John Hersey (Writer), Elroy Crazylegs Hirsch (Football Hall of Fame), Dan Jensen (Olympic Speed Skater), Ron Popeye Jones (NBA Forward), Gregg Kinnear (Actor), Joshua Leonard (Actor), Louis Letterier (Actor), Mark Linn-Baker (Actor), Peter Lupus (Actor), Barry Manilow (Singer), Jamal Maxon (Actor), Daniel McVicar (Actor), Erin Murphy (Actor), Leander Paes (Tennis Pro), Jason Patric (Actor), Joe Piscopo (Comedian), Tony Roche (Tennis Pro), Paulina Rubio (Singer), Burt Rutan (Inventor/Aerospace Engineer), Cathy Sherk (Canadian Golf Hall of Fame), Michael Showalter (Comedian), Igor Stravinsky (Composer), Venus Williams (Tennis Star).

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#9 Compatibility Numbers & June 9 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

June 8, 2011

Hello Nicaragua and Rio.  Thanks for your many comments regarding my books, numbers and the Blog design.  I do appreciate that the Blog design could be better.   Please note:  I do respond to commentsScroll to the bottomResponses to your Comments are on the left side, at the bottom of this Blog and yes, you can Subscribe to this Blog = see left side, bottom of page.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #9 are: 1 (instigates actions, possibilities for greatness), 3 (comfortable, idealistic, lacks material ambitions) , 5 (adds material energy, balance each other’s weaknesses), 6 (artistic, domestic perfection), 7 (soul-mates, partnership of depth and wisdom , not practical), 8 (practical #8 combines well with philosophical, philanthropic #9), 9 (do-gooder combo = benefits humanity, non-materialistic, not domestic, may be impractical), 10, instigates actions, possibilities for greatness), 12 (comfortable, idealistic, lacks material ambitions), 14, (adds material energy), 15 (energized, unconventional domesticity), 16 (partnership of depth and wisdom), 17 (lucky in expansive, universalist ambitions), 18 (talent for healing, materially successful), 19 (creative, expansive, humanitarian action duo), 21 (socially successful, lacks practical organization), 23 (lucky combo), 24 (create beautiful domestic environment and cultural expansive lifestyle), 25 (partners of depth and wisdom, lacks commercial ambitions), 26 (successful in love, home, family and finances), 27 (kindred spirits with little value for money and commercial power), 28 (adds ambition and progress), 30 (great social and service to humanity combo). 

If #9 is your birthday, you are compassionate, generous, sensitive, kind, romantic and forgiving  – and you’d love to save the world.  You have multi-talents in communications, publicity, distribution, the arts and strive to be philanthropic.  The world is your oyster and it’s difficult to maintain an intimate personal lifestyle,  Your strong will, emotional depth, courage in the face of danger and wisdom make you an “old soul” who benefits from a broad education and goes through life educating others.       

In 2011 expect starts and stops until you settle on a new direction in September.  Have the “courage of your convictions” and strive for independence.  Stay active and make new contacts who stimulate your ambitions.   Listen to your inner voice and don’t vacillate in your decisions trying to please another.  This the first year in a new nine year cycle – change is in the air – and, you want to begin this new direction being true to yourself.  June is introspective and non-commercial.  July demands financial or business actions that turn out well (the third week in July) if you follow your own counsel.  Tie up loose ends and be sure all debts are paid by you and to you by August’s end.  New ideas and goals flourish in September and it is a busy time.  October slows your pace and the emotional adjustments and the details of your ideas surface.  A November communication sets you to working through the December holidays and you’re into a rebirth.

In 2011 wear the color red to attract  positive, progressive, creative influences. 
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S challenge your leadership and independence in 2011.
Sunday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are:  1, 3, 17, 18, 19, 28.  

Celebrities born on June 9 are:  Matthew Bellamy (Singer/”Muse”), Michaela Conlin (Actor/”Bones”), Patricia Cornwell (Author), Robert Cummings (Actor), James DeBello (Actor), Johnny Depp (Actor), Marcia Davenport (US Author), Jerry Dunphy (News Anchorman), Michael J Fox (Actor), Mona Freeman (Actor), Alexis Grace (Singer/”American Idol”), T D Jakes (TV Evangelist), Marion Kalb (Journalist), Jackie Mason (Comedian), Robert S McNamara (US Secretary of State, Kennedy, Johnson/President of the World Bank),  Mitch Mitchell (Drummer/”Jimi Hendrix Experience”), Miles OBrien (TV Journalist), Les Paul (Guitarist), John Howard Payne (Author/Actor/Diplomat/”Home Sweet Home”), Cole Porter (Composer), Natalie Portman (Actor), Gloria Reuben (Actor/”ER”), Tim Reyes (Pro Surfer), Helena Rubenstein (CEO & Founder Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics), Aaron Sorkin (Writer/Producer/”West Wing”), George Stephenson (Invented RR Locomotive),  Wyman Tinsdale (NBA Player/Jazz Musician),  Fred Waring (Musician/Conductor/Invented the Waring Blender), Mae Whitman (Actor/”Parenthood”), Jackie Wilson (Singer), Eric Wynalda (US Soccer Hall of Fame).

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If May 3 is your Birthday Numeology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 2, 2011

If May 3 is your birthday, you’re charming, imaginative, youthful and enjoy having an audience.  Whether you speak or write, words are your major tool for career choices and socializing enhances your lifestyle.  You are multi-talented and express yourself in many artistic ways.  You are aware of your appearance and this has an important effect on those you meet.  Socializing and entertaining are necessary in your life.  Travel broadens your experiences and offers new opportunities.  Choose to focus on one talent, master it and be sure that it doesn’t keep you confined to close quarters or demand hours of isolation…you are restless and require an element of freedom and as few responsibilities as possible to be happy.

In 2011 expect to overcome difficulties and feel optimistic about the future.  Spend money on updating your wardrobe, entertain and be entertained and revitalize old friendships and make new ones.  Business mixes well with pleasure and adds to recognition of your talents and personality.  Lucky breaks will drop in your lap and friends will open doors to a variety of financial and personal opportunities.  The negative aspect of 2011 is talking too much…carelessly…without thinking of the effects of your words before you speak and scattering interests…not completing commitments or foolishly spending money on fads and momentary fancies.  May is your power month for incoming financial and material successes, gifts and opportunities.  Enjoy this happy time and expect to begin balancing your budget and getting down to practical work in October.  

2011 wear the color yellow to attract creative, amusing, generous associates.               
Topaz is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L and U enhance your popularity in 2011.
Wednesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  4, 7, 11, 20, 25, 29.   

Celebrities born on May 3 are:  Mary Astor (Actor/’The Maltese Falcon”), Earl Blackwell (writer/’Celebrity Register“), Beulah Bondi (Actor/”It’s A Wonderful Life”), James Brown (Singer), Cheryl Burke (“Dancing With the Stars”), Bobby Cannavale (Actor/”Cold Case”, “Third Watch”), Betty Comden (Songwriter/”Bells Are Ringing”), Bing Crosby (Singer, Multi-Media, “Going My Way”, White Christmas”), Christopher Cross (Singer/Songwriter/”Arthur’s Theme”,”Ride Like the Wind”), Ann B Davis (Actor/”The Brady Bunch”), Richard D’oyly Carte (Opera Impresario), Ben Elton (English Comedian/Author/Playwright/Director),  Samantha Egger (Actor), Farrah Franklin (Singer/”Destiny’s Child), Allen Ginsberg (Beat Generation Poet), Greg Gumbel (Sportscaster), Christina Hendricks (Actor/”Mad Men”), Dule Hill(Actor/”Psych”,”West Wing”), Doug Henning (Magician), William M Inge (Playwright/”Picnic”/1953 Pultizer), Kevin Kilner (Actor/”Dollhouse”,”Damages”), Niccolo Michiavelli (Politician/Author/”The Prince”), Golda Meir (4th Israeli Prime Minister), Robert Osborne (Actor/Film Historian), Mikhail Prokhorov (Russian Self-Made Billionaire), Sugar Ray Robinson (Professional Boxer), Pete Seeger (Folk Singer/Political Activist), Walter Slezak (Actor/”Bedtime for Bonzo“, “Lifeboat”), Tatyana Tolstaya (Russian Writer), Frankie Valli (Lead Singer “The Four Seasons”), Earl Wilson (Social Scene Columnist).   

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