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Are #10 & #1 Compatible? and May 11 Numerology Forecast & Analysis

May 10, 2011

Born on the 10th or on the 1st, you are both leaders…the 10 for big service projects and the 1 for personal gain.  Both are competitive, aggressive, independent originals who have creative ideas, very little patience with themselves or others and like to start projects but dislike doing the details and finishers.  As always communication is key!  Your combined energies would have to be directed to the same goals and you both need discipline to maintain cooperation and dedication to complete a commitment.  If your Numerology Destiny number is the 1, timing will help the combination.  However, the #1 and #10 natural instincts, personality and talents do not make them team-players…both need supportive partners to carry out their ideas and promote them…10 and 1 will will vie for supremacy and control.  It is unlikely this combination will stand the test of time. (See NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER to calculate your Destiny Number).

If May 11 is your birthday,  you are sensitive to people, the environment and life’s little kindnesses and details.  You have the courage of your convictions, a strong sense of justice, amazing insight and feel inspired to enlighten others and improve the world.   At times you’re fooled by facades and you may be gullible and naive.  It’s important to sign leases, contracts and agreements after careful consideration.  You do well caring for the elderly and as “the power behind the throne” working with associates of a like mind where you are appreciated for your devotion, supportiveness, tact, diplomacy and inspirations that improve better standards of living for others.

2011 requires patience, tolerance and the understanding that this is the time to collect knowledge, friends, money and opportunities…not a year for high energy activities, changes or aggressive actions.  Avoid acting impulsively…at times things get complicated and require quick decisions.  However, teaching, learning, artistic interests, emotional control and an open mind will bring the desired results now and in the future.  June is hectic and October adds optimism and youthful energy.  For now, be receptive, friendly, considerate of others and wait to allow projects and relationships to grow at their own rate of speed.     

In 2011 wear the colors orange and silver to attract companionship, harmony and peace.               
Moonstone is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters B, K and T have emotional over-reactions in  2011.
Monday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 2, 7, 16, 20, 25, 29.         

Celebrities born on May 11 are:  Irving Berlin (Songwriter/”White Christmas”), Eric Bordon (Rock Musician/”The Animals”/”House of the Rising Sun”), Foster Brooks (Comedian), Salvador Dali (Surrealist Artist), Jeffrey Donovan (Actor/”Burn Notice”),  Louis Farrakhan (Minister), Frances Fisher (Actor), David Gest (Music Producer/Ex-Husband of Lisa Minelli), Martha Graham (Choreographer), James Haven (Actor/Producer/”CSI”, “Monster Ball”/Brother of Angelina Jolie), Doug McClure (Actor/”Virginian”), Matt Giraud ((“American Idol”), Cory Monteith (Actor/”Glee”), Austin O’Brien (Actor/”Apollo 13″), Natasha Richardson (Actor), Denver Pyle (Actor/”Dukes of Hazzard”), Dame Margaret Rutherford (Actor) Mort Sahl (Comedian/Political Satirist), Phil Silvers (Comedian/Actor/”Sargeant Bilko”), Valantino (Fashion Designer).

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If May 3 is your Birthday Numeology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 2, 2011

If May 3 is your birthday, you’re charming, imaginative, youthful and enjoy having an audience.  Whether you speak or write, words are your major tool for career choices and socializing enhances your lifestyle.  You are multi-talented and express yourself in many artistic ways.  You are aware of your appearance and this has an important effect on those you meet.  Socializing and entertaining are necessary in your life.  Travel broadens your experiences and offers new opportunities.  Choose to focus on one talent, master it and be sure that it doesn’t keep you confined to close quarters or demand hours of isolation…you are restless and require an element of freedom and as few responsibilities as possible to be happy.

In 2011 expect to overcome difficulties and feel optimistic about the future.  Spend money on updating your wardrobe, entertain and be entertained and revitalize old friendships and make new ones.  Business mixes well with pleasure and adds to recognition of your talents and personality.  Lucky breaks will drop in your lap and friends will open doors to a variety of financial and personal opportunities.  The negative aspect of 2011 is talking too much…carelessly…without thinking of the effects of your words before you speak and scattering interests…not completing commitments or foolishly spending money on fads and momentary fancies.  May is your power month for incoming financial and material successes, gifts and opportunities.  Enjoy this happy time and expect to begin balancing your budget and getting down to practical work in October.  

2011 wear the color yellow to attract creative, amusing, generous associates.               
Topaz is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L and U enhance your popularity in 2011.
Wednesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  4, 7, 11, 20, 25, 29.   

Celebrities born on May 3 are:  Mary Astor (Actor/’The Maltese Falcon”), Earl Blackwell (writer/’Celebrity Register“), Beulah Bondi (Actor/”It’s A Wonderful Life”), James Brown (Singer), Cheryl Burke (“Dancing With the Stars”), Bobby Cannavale (Actor/”Cold Case”, “Third Watch”), Betty Comden (Songwriter/”Bells Are Ringing”), Bing Crosby (Singer, Multi-Media, “Going My Way”, White Christmas”), Christopher Cross (Singer/Songwriter/”Arthur’s Theme”,”Ride Like the Wind”), Ann B Davis (Actor/”The Brady Bunch”), Richard D’oyly Carte (Opera Impresario), Ben Elton (English Comedian/Author/Playwright/Director),  Samantha Egger (Actor), Farrah Franklin (Singer/”Destiny’s Child), Allen Ginsberg (Beat Generation Poet), Greg Gumbel (Sportscaster), Christina Hendricks (Actor/”Mad Men”), Dule Hill(Actor/”Psych”,”West Wing”), Doug Henning (Magician), William M Inge (Playwright/”Picnic”/1953 Pultizer), Kevin Kilner (Actor/”Dollhouse”,”Damages”), Niccolo Michiavelli (Politician/Author/”The Prince”), Golda Meir (4th Israeli Prime Minister), Robert Osborne (Actor/Film Historian), Mikhail Prokhorov (Russian Self-Made Billionaire), Sugar Ray Robinson (Professional Boxer), Pete Seeger (Folk Singer/Political Activist), Walter Slezak (Actor/”Bedtime for Bonzo“, “Lifeboat”), Tatyana Tolstaya (Russian Writer), Frankie Valli (Lead Singer “The Four Seasons”), Earl Wilson (Social Scene Columnist).   

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