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 In Your Life On Tuesday, October 4, 2011: Whether you’re inclined to be sympathetic or feel that you’re emotionally tapped out, try to be generous.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to accept people and the world around you and not force issues.  Facts are long forgotten and even simple decisions necessitate reflection.  Accept the inevitable if a difficult situation ends.  Allow new ideas to wander through your mind as you contemplate intriguing changes.  Know your own strengths and weaknesses.  Remember, it’s okay to say no when disenchanted and to give yourself the same considerations you give to other people you love. 

 If Today is Your Birthday: In 2011, expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities to complete the plans you began eight years ago.  It is not advisable to make new commitments.  Projects that are near completion should be finished.

 During the spring and fall expect to fulfill long-term goals and receive recognition from your peers.  You will sense that change is in the air and you make plans to regenerate yourself.  There are many spiritual answers and philosophical revelations as 2011 progresses.  You will feel empathetic, passionate in your beliefs and charitable.  Occasions will arise when you will be asked to share your philosophy, counsel and teach.  You will be inspired by a love of quality and skill: Your talents appreciated by audiences.  You will appreciate artistry and natural beauty.  You will reflect upon your past and let-go of people, ideas, personal ideals and possessions that no longer serve a useful purpose.  You will be called upon to be unselfish and to sacrifice to help others less fortunate than yourself.  You will set an example for others to follow and possible receive an award from your peers.  You will realize that you have evolved and that you have traveled mentally, physically and spiritually far from your goals of the past eight years.

 It is never easy to separate from habits, friends or locations.  All too often we are comfortable and reluctant to release the obstacles to obtaining our dreams or ambitions.   If you are unable to let go of the people and experiences that are no longer a necessity for your growth, the 2011 cycle will do it for you.  Emotional reactions may be intense, and often dramatic, as situations change.  There will be endings and inspirations that lead to next year’s important changes as the year goes on.

 Your October 4, 2011 lottery numbers are: 5, 8, 13, 17, 18, 27 

Celebrities Born on October 4 are: Armand Assante (Actor/”American Gangster”/”Gotti”), Brandon Barash (Actor), Abraham Benrubi (Actor/”ER”), Jackie Collins (Author), Rachael Leigh Cook (Actor), Clifton Davis (Actor), Rutherford B Hayes (19th US President), Charleton Heston (Actor), Dakota Johnson (Actor/Daughter of Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith), Ana Johnsson (Singer), Lena Kalina (Singer), Buster Keaton (Actor), Lil Mama (Rapper), Heidi Newfield (Country Singer), Anne Rice (Author), Alan Rosenberg (Actor/”LA Law”), Damon Runyon (Author),Susan Saradon (Actor), Liev Schreiber (Actor), Jon Secada (Singer), Telisha Shaw (Actor), Alicia Silverstone (Actor), Russell Simmons (Hip-Hop Mogul), Kurt Thomas (Basketball), Jared Weaver (Baseball), Craig Robert Young (Actor/’Lost”).
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